Anonymous said: You realize small male children also get raped right? Not only females get raped get your head out of your ass - A proud modern feminist P.s Youre a cunt get off the internet


P.p.s look at whom the vast majority of child marriage victims are
P.p.s look at the majority of child trafficking victims
I never said that guys don’t get raped, especially young boys. Why is it when someone says ’ This happens to _____’ little rats like you crawl out of your holes and scream “IT HAPPENS TO ____ AND _____ TOO”
I don’t need to reduce myself to gendered slurs, so have a nice day little anon.

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So there’s a read aloud function on my Kindle, so I thought it would be funny to turn it on and hear this in its robotic voice.

I was wrong.

It wasn’t funny.

It was hilarious.


And I hope my laughter isn’t too loud.

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lettuceiscurrentlyinmyasshole said: Wow that Maison person is a literal piece of crusty fucking garbage. Just wow.




Oh, have they replied?  I haven’t gotten to the hate, yet.  I have just seen a whole lot of love and support. :P

not the only person who feels you shouldn’t be putting your abortion habits on blast. If you want one, get one. If you get another, good for fucking you. That doesn’t mean you need to put it all over the internet like your the poster child for abortion clinics. Obviously you are very fertile if you were on birth control AND using condoms like you said, so maybe if you don’t want more kids… here’s a novel fucking idea… GET YOUR FUCKING TUBES TIED. in the mean time STOP HAVING SEX since you obviously procreate like a fucking rabbit. 

Look at this piece of shit right here.
"How dare you post your personal experiences on your personal blog, tying it into a movement you’re very active in!!!!¡! NOW LIVE YOUR LIFE AS I SAY I OBV KNOW BETTER THAN YOU"

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What all abortion stories have in common




what I find in common about every story about someone considering abortion is that they were having vaginal sex when they knew they didn’t want or could not deal with being pregnant or a baby.

what about those who wanted to get pregnant but…

Sex = baby all of a sudden wowowkww didn’t know that at all nope neither did the majority of people seeking abortions who used birth control.

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do you ever get a weird crush on someone that’s not even attractive but you’re just attracted to them and you don’t know why

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taylor swift being back at new york after such a short visit to nashville can only mean one thing homegirl went to deal with album 5 stuff

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Album 5


Right, it’s time we all chill out. We aren’t hearing anything anytime soon and here’s why:

1 As another Swiftie pointed out, it’s unfair of her to unveil her album before the Giver premier because it will distract from the film and the hard work that everyone has put into it.

2 The longer she…

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